Quantum Physics and Bible

To date, quantum physics are considered physics’ most successful theory on which all of the technical progress we have made over many decades is based.  However, even more than 100 years after its discovery, the philosophical interpretation of quantum physics remains an unsolved mystery.
Jesus Christ – Quantum Physicist is a popular science based book that takes an entirely new approach to the resolution of this mystery by drawing from Biblical wisdom to better understand it. This endeavor reveals why the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is needed to achieve this.

What’s more: the phenomena of quantum physics are easier to understand with the assistance of Biblical statements than they are without the Bible. 

The focal point: Interesting parallels in the perception of eternity, omnipresence, Heaven, God, Son and Holy Spirit. Readers will not have to have any physics expertise to understand the book.
The book Jesus Christ - Quantum Physicist is available on Amazon: eBook or print version.

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Gale Hawkins said...

I finished Jesus Christ Quantum Physicist yesterday. It helped me at the age of 68 to understand the value of my background growing up in a small rural Baptist church where I was taught God is everywhere all of the time, knows everything and is all powerful.

After many years of wanting to know and understand Quantum Mechanics about a year ago I started digging on the subject. I was shocked because I realized it was talking about the God that has influenced my life in a concrete way since the age of 7. I cried myself asleep for making my little metal bank say it had more dimes in it that I knew that were in it because I had been working them out of slot backwards and putting them back in again making the total a false high.

The first thing when I woke the next morn as a 7 year old I had a clear understanding how to force the bank open without harming it so I could reset the counter. Then I promised God I would not make the bank lie again.

For 61 years this awaking with answers to life problems has simplified my life and still continues today.

While I have had a perception of eternity, omnipresence, Heaven , God, Son and Holy Spirit since the age of 7 and understood God to be active in my physical, mental and spiritual life I still did not understand it like now. I thought everyone had the same thing going for them when it came from knowing right from wrong that I did. When I realized that most did not act like they had a positive knowledge base feeding them the right answers to life issues I knew I was weird but in a good way.

While I could have used this book 50 years ago perhaps I was not ready for it. I am starting to run into people that while they did not grasp it fully came to understand there was a positive force impacting their lives even as a very young child.

It is a very short read and is supported by Bible quotes from the Old and New Testaments and I found no red flags from the science or theology aspects. I do have a background in both.

Thanks to Dirk Schneider for writing this book.

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