Quantum Physics and Bible

To date, quantum physics are considered physics’ most successful theory on which all of the technical progress we have made over many decades is based.  However, even more than 100 years after its discovery, the philosophical interpretation of quantum physics remains an unsolved mystery.
Jesus Christ – Quantum Physicist is a popular science based book that takes an entirely new approach to the resolution of this mystery by drawing from Biblical wisdom to better understand it. This endeavor reveals why the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is needed to achieve this.

What’s more: the phenomena of quantum physics are easier to understand with the assistance of Biblical statements than they are without the Bible. 

The focal point: Interesting parallels in the perception of eternity, omnipresence, Heaven, God, Son and Holy Spirit. Readers will not have to have any physics expertise to understand the book.
The book Jesus Christ - Quantum Physicist is available on Amazon: eBook or print version.