Book “Jesus Christ – Quantum Physicist”

Does modern natural science suggest the existence of the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit? How can we explain eternity and Heaven? Who is the Holy Spirit?

Physicist Dirk Schneider beckons his readers to follow him on an enthralling journey of discovery over the course of which he comes up with an entirely new theory.  
In order to be able to explain the world we live in from the perspective of quantum physics, the existence of the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is apparently a necessity. Schneider’s analysis uncovers surprising and easy-to-understand congruencies between the results of physics experiments and statements made in the Bible. What’s more: the phenomena of quantum physics are easier to understand with the assistance of Biblical statements than they are without the Bible.

Table of Contents

  • A long nightmare begins
  • A case of hay fever changes the fate of the world
  • How to alter the course of the past
  • What does “eternity” mean?
  • Why New York is a neighboring city of San Francisco
  • What is omnipresence?   
  • The most magnificent experiment of all times
  • What do the terms “God” and “Heaven” mean?            
  • Does the moon exist even if no one is looking?               
  • The secret of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Christ – the Son of God     

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